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Dr. Guminsky

Meet The Team


Our Physician
Dr. April Guminsky

Dr. April Guminsky has over 15-years of experience working with patients to improve their health.  After graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, she went on to complete a duel residency in both internal medicine and pediatrics at VCU Health Systems (MCV Campus) in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Guminsky also holds a Master of Education from Chapman University.  She enjoys partnering with patients to understand their symptoms and find the underlying cause, so they may take control of their health and change their circumstances. 

In 2017, Dr. Guminsky began incorporating Functional Medicine into her medical approach and treatment plans.  With the inherent premise that the body can heal with proper support, Functional Medicine is a lens to medicine based on general principles of function that cross system lines.  For example, an inflammatory process affects the GI system, cardiac system, musculoskeletal system and more.  Today, medicine has been artificially driven into organ systems, like isolated silos, and treatment is mainly pharmaceuticals that further disrupt the natural function.  Dr. Guminsky believes that medication has an important role in medicine, but only in the context of understanding their effects on the entire system.  Often, lifestyle and natural supplements can help restore function, avoiding downstream side effects and further dysfunction.  Dr. Guminsky is an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner.  Trained by respected, world-renowned physicians from the Mayo Clinic and successful, acclaimed Functional Medicine practitioners around the world, Dr. Guminsky uses techniques and testing to discover nutritional deficiencies, gut imbalances, systemic inflammation, food sensitivities and more.


Dr. Guminsky focuses on healthy living, disease prevention, optimal function and performance and finding the root cause of all symptoms and disease.  She also understands that the Mind-Body-Spirit connection affects every aspect of a patient’s life, especially their physical health.


Dr. Guminsky has seen how living wellness can change people’s lives, including her own.  She has two grown sons.  She and her husband enjoy traveling.     

Melissa Diesburg

Our Wellness Coach
Melissa Diesburg

Melissa Diesburg has been with Gateway Medical Practice since March of 2018.  Her caring personality and genuine concern for patients has made her a natural listener and motivator.  In addition to training as a medical assistant, she is certified as a Wellness Coach through the International Association of Professions Career College.  She is dedicated to helping patients achieve their wellness goals.


Melissa understands the importance of lifestyle choices and works with patients to identify and overcome obstacles.  She has been trained to help patients identify their goals and discover a path to those goals by asking relevant questions, addressing barriers, framing goals and providing accountability and support.  Melissa is a natural problem-solver and a wealth of resources.  Seamlessly, she can connect patients to applicable websites, recipes, relevant blogs and motivational materials to make their journey to health attainable.

Dorothy Freneaux

Our Fitness Specialist
Dorothy Freneaux

Dorothy Freneaux is a Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys an active, healthy lifestyle.  She has a gift for motivating others and providing accountability in a supportive and encouraging way.  Her skills help patients develop a fitness program that is individualized and achievable.  Dorothy is dedicated to helping patients find a way to improve their fitness level and to discover that exercise and healthy eating can be rewarding and fun.

Dorothy helps patients turn their desire to be more fit into an action plan.  She works with patients to develop a weekly exercise plan based on goals established by both the physician to address the specific health needs, and the patient to address their specific preferences.  Dorothy provides ideas, strategies, resources, motivation and accountability.  She is trained to help patients find a path to healthy living through exercise, good eating choices and balance.

Stacie Lohr

Our Resource Educator
Stacie Lohr

Stacie Lohr is a natural teacher and organizer.  She has been a trainer in business, a teacher in the school district and is an impeccable organizer.  She also understands the importance of routine and health as it relates to key lifestyle changes like sleep, breathing techniques, stress reduction and healthy eating.  Stacie is familiar with the many resources from the Institute of Functional Medicine.  She is dedicated to helping patients understand how these resources can be applied to their lives.

In addition, Stacie is the resident expert on the portal used by Gateway Medical Practice.  The portal allows patients to contact the office directly and securely.  Rather than avoid the technology, patients can schedule an appointment for a personal tutorial and guide through its functions and capabilities.  This allows patients to connect directly and easily with the Gateway team, in additional to calling, so their needs are met thoroughly and quickly.


Stacie has specific information and material to discuss regarding the portal, sleep, breathing, stress reduction and eating plans.  Patients meet with Stacie individually to learn more about lifestyle changes and apply these concepts to their lives.

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